Bike fitting

 A comfortable and powerful position on the bike can significantly improve your performance and enjoyment while cycling.

  • We work extensively with elite cycling teams and coaches to develop robust athletes. This generally involves a bike fit plus a barbell strength training program for strength 
  • Our approach draws on a physiotherapy skill set to better understand your movement. Your bike position is then personalised to match your mobility, strength and control
  • Where required, we will develop a specific strength program to build capacity in the areas you need - this will help you to ride with more comfort and power, and to hold an effective position during long days in the saddle

We start with a detailed musculoskeletal screening, then match your assessment findings to the bike. To optimise your position we will probably change the position of your seat, handlebars, brake levers and cleats. You may also need to purchase a new seat, stem, seat post or handlebar - we stock these, or can direct you to good local suppliers.

For more information, or for a chat about good local gravel roads, call Dave on 0403786778.