Pain science strategies for recovery and human performance. 


Our process is simple:
diagnose, explain and act.

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We keep things simple and allocate resources with maximum impact. We don’t do massage and dry needling much because any results from these techniques are short lived. Instead, we allocate time to up skilling individuals to take charge of their health. We use load to give the right stimulus to achieve the best outcome

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A positive difference

We hope that you’ll find our approach different. It is our best attempt to bring about positive change in a profession that has been stuck for too long. Our approach embodies a positivity that comes from deep clinical knowledge about the body. It is an honest approach that can be surprising because assumptions about healthcare have become so limited.

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Our space

Our space fits with our philosophy of designing new ways to do healthcare. Giving all of the resources required to generate the best outcome – time, equipment, space, attention, expertise, skills. You are welcome to see us for anything related to movement or pain.

People that work with us become confidently in charge of their situation.


Maximising joy in motion
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