Adelaide Running Physiotherapy

Simply, we guide runners to run well. This might mean recovering from injury, achieving running goals, or getting started at running. We can help. We work with all sorts of runners, both competitive and recreational.

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Maximising joy in motion


Physiotherapy for pain or injury

We are really good at what we do, helping you quick smart.

Our method is world class and our skills are at the forefront of scientific research. This means that you will get the best result possible.

We seek long-term sustainable change. The physiotherapy world is flooded with treatment options which at best give ‘relief’ for a week or so. This is not our game. We will recommend treatments which get you better and keep you better.


Running Fit

Dream up a goal and we will help guide you there.

Tune your technique, redefine your limits, build resilience, bounce back, grow more powerful, be nimble and love running (even more).

A Running Fit includes a jam packed two-hour session which uses detailed evaluation to enhance your running performance and lessen your chance of injury. We will make sure you are confident in your direction with a clear plan to achieve your aspirations.

For more information, call Toby on 0423 223 766.

Adelaide Running Physio