Outcome of treatment

"Was your outcome better or worse than expected?" Source: one year survey of Form Physiotherapy patients.

We are inspired to expand your sense of possible, stretch your expectations and strengthen your resolve to action. It is our goal to return your sense of spontaneity and ease so that you can fully engage in the world through movement.

Use our knowledge to restore your confidence. Improve your capacity with relevant & effective movement. 

Our process is modelled on leading clinical guidelines and integrates principles of sport science and pain biology. Learn about your pain. Take charge. Make change.

For more information on the effectiveness of our treatment and the satisfaction of our clients please access this link which reports data from a survey which was given to all clients from our first year of trade. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

One thing that makes our approach unique is the emphasis we place on good communication. We work really hard to ensure that we understand your problem as you see it. This helps us to design a meaningful and relevant approach to your treatment.

We make sure that you have a simple and accurate way of understanding your problem. What is it? Why is it there? What can you do about it? In many cases, this involves learning about pain.

This approach of up-skilling individuals develops a robust and informed health literacy that reduces therapist reliance and supports long-term recovery. 

Did we discuss how understanding pain can help your outcome?

Did you find it helpful to learn about pain in this way?