Sick of ongoing appointments leading you no where?

Our team offer sensible and practical solutions to those tricky problems that won’t budge.


Working with us means gaining access to a team at the cutting edge of pain research internationally.

Our team work with individuals, companies and in public health projects to improve outcomes of people with pain.
Our education project Tame the Beast has gained international recognition and has been utilised by over 1 million people.

Make contact today and let us be the catalyst for your recovery.


What to expect

The right start

Foundations are important and to get off to the right start we spend 60 minutes together on day one. This gives plenty of time to understand you, assess and diagnose your problem, explain our findings in a way that makes sense and start immediate treatment.

An individual plan

At your initial appointment you will gain an understanding of:

  • What is wrong
  • How long it will take to get better
  • Immediate actions to reduce pain and start improving
  • A plan toward recovery that addresses your goals, including the expected number of appointments and costs

Three steps for treatment

At Form Physiotherapy we have a three step process for treating long term pain:

  1. Establish safe to move
  2. Communicate safe to move
  3. Act on safe to move.

Pain is complex, but recovery can be simple

Our treatment model offers a clear direction and immediately actionable steps for people with long term pain. You will develop an individualised plan and become confidently in charge of your situation, gaining freedom from ongoing appointments. Get in touch with our team and return to the things that matter.

Up-to-date knowledge in practice

We keep things simple and allocate resources with maximum impact. Our approach embodies a positivity that comes from deep clinical knowledge about the body. It is an honest approach that reflects the current evidence base around pain and tissue healing.

Specialists in movement and pain

Our space fits with our philosophy of designing new ways to do healthcare. Giving all of the resources required to generate the best outcome – time, equipment, attention, expertise, skills. You are welcome to see us for anything related to movement or pain. People that work with us become confidently in charge of their situation.


Learn. Move. Improve