Simon Pearson


Bachelor of Physiotherapy, University of South Australia
Bachelor of Psychology, University of Adelaide

Simon joined us in March 2017, and brings a wealth of knowledge and real world experience to the practice. Before training as a physiotherapist, Simon rode as a professional cyclist with Steve Cunningham (now Pro Cycling Skills in Adelaide). He is a bike fitter, cyclist, physiotherapist and a graduate in psychology. And perhaps most importantly, he is a remarkably generous human who seems to exude integrity! We are incredibly glad to have him. 

As a physiotherapist Simon has significant experience working with chronic pain patients, both privately and for Return to Work SA. He is currently completing an honours degree in psychology and this will allow him to practice clinically in the field. 

We asked Simon about his views on physiotherapy. Here is his answer, in three parts:

  1. Physiotherapy is a holistic approach that is centred around health promotion,

  2. Physiotherapy is a platform to empower people with knowledge and confidence,

  3. Pain education is the key that unlocks this potential in patients.

Like Simone, Simon's values and perspective centre on optimised care using knowledge and movement to empower and enable individuals. Simon also runs a yoga class at The Vitality Room where you'll often find Simone unwinding after a day teaching Pilates. 

To make an appointment with Simon you can contact him at or call 0466 098 945.

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