Maximising joy in motion

We want you to live a full life without limitations from injury or pain.
We understand that pain and injury can be frustrating and can even become all consuming, stopping you from doing the things you love.


We want every client to recovery quickly and return to the things that matter most.

Early treatment focuses on the most effective strategies for pain reduction. With the help of our team you will recover stronger. We view injury as an opportunity to expand on your pervious capacity and improve life through better movement.


What to expect

Foundations are important and to get off to the right start we spend 60 minutes together on day one. This gives plenty of time to understand you, assess and diagnose your problem, explain our findings in a way that makes sense and start immediate treatment.


How can we help you?

New injury
Response within 48 hours


Long term pain
In pain for than 3 months?


Personal training
Strength training for everyone


Sports & performance 
Find your edge


Maximising joy in motion