Why us?

Our space fits with our philosophy of designing new ways to do healthcare. Giving all of the resources required to generate the best outcome – time, equipment, attention, expertise, skills.

You are welcome to see us for anything related to movement or pain. People that work with us become confidently in charge of their situation.


Our story

Form Physiotherapy came to be as a direct challenge to long established norms in healthcare.

We saw an opportunity for our profession to do better. We let go of outdated ideas and embraced leading edge science, actioning our knowledge in celebration of the body, and ultimately maximising joy in motion!

Our goal was to bring research to practice and show that this can be done effectively with real patients in a real environment. After showing that this was possible, we spent time helping others to do the same. This has taken many forms, from teaching to research and developing education materials.

We are a physiotherapy practice, a knowledge communicator, and an education group for health professionals.


Our goal

Let us expand your sense of possible, stretch your expectations and strengthen your resolve to action.

It is our goal to return your sense of spontaneity and ease so that you can fully engage in the world through movement. Use our knowledge to restore your confidence. Improve your capacity with relevant & effective movement. 


Our approach

We up-skill individuals and develop a robust and informed health literacy that reduces therapist reliance and supports long-term recovery. This is High Value Healthcare – a model where resources are used most effectively to create long term and meaningful change. 


At Form Physiotherapy, we:

  • Challenge established norms about physiotherapy treatment and pain to bring a more efficient and effective healthcare to individuals

  • Collaborate to target meaningful goals with movement based solutions, then maintain this change over time

  • Work with an uncompromising ethic on best practice and a commitment to constantly enquire, to always improve

  • Listen well and are perceptive, and then respond intelligently with useful solutions

  • Come up with new ideas by putting research together in new ways, or by thinking differently about common problems

  • Test our ideas in open forum with researchers and clinicians and contribute to ongoing research in the field.


Maximising joy in motion