Emma Freer


Bachelor of Physiotherapy, 
University of South Australia

I am super excited to join the Form team in October 2017 and to be returning home after 2 and a half years working in rural NSW, 2 years in the UK and 4 months driving a rusty van across Europe! The experience abroad has allowed me to run along some of the most scenic trails in the world, do some amazing skiing and hiking whilst learning how people exist and manage painful conditions in other corners of the globe.  

I completed my Physiotherapy degree at the University of South Australia in 2012 and grew up in the Adelaide hills, chasing goats, riding my donkey and competing nationally in Athletics. Through my sprinting background I have developed an interest in working with runners, especially novices and adolescents to prevent recurrent injuries and help them become stronger and more resilient. I enjoy creating stimulating rehabilitation programs and have been known to spend hours in the gym on the hunt for new ways to challenge the human body!

Physiotherapy to me is a bit like a Sherlock Holmes detective case. I am passionate about really discovering what makes people tick whilst providing up to date education to help people make sense of their symptoms and carry on life without limitations. Like the other Physiotherapists at Form, my goal is to make myself redundant, aiming for people to have such an insight into their pain or problem that they have all the tools to self manage.

I think the Physiotherapy profession has an important role in healthcare and it is my duty to ensure people get honest answers to their questions, which may sometimes mean confronting beliefs or misconceptions. I aim for people to walk out of the door confident with a plan as to how we can achieve their goals without the need to return time and time again.

To make an appointment with Emma you can contact her at emma@formphysiotherapy.com.au or call ‭0468 797 232‬‬.

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