The standing desk.

The standing desk was a particularly smart idea. Better health, and better productivity. Win-win.

Sitting is a public health concern. Research clearly shows that regular sitting increases your risk of chronic disease with a similar magnitude to cigarette smoking. Daily exercise is likely to offset this, but many people fall short of daily exercise quotas.

A standing desk can be simple: a stack of boxes with a timber across the top. Or it can be purchased and purpose-built. However, a novel solution is a tripod with a laptop mount. It's genius.

For the Form Physiotherapy portable office standing desk we chose the Punk tripod from 3 Legged Thing. It is beautifully made, stable and light. And for the desk we chose the Tablez Notebook Stand. A little hard to find, but 10/10. Add a laptop and you have a portable office that can pop-up in a shady spot in the parklands, or slide into pushbike panniers for a day of work in the hills.

And this change of scenery is proving to be a catalyst for creative thought. Summary: win-win-win.



GeneralDave Moen