Two Years

It’s two years now. Two years on Gilles St, in the caffeine district of Fawn coffee, within a minute’s walk of the Himeji Gardens.  Our north facing light box has survived its inception, and has grown into a thriving practice with a global reach.

Form Physiotherapy Adelaide
Form Physiotherapy Adelaide

Treatment Innovation for Chronic Pain

FORM is two things. It is a genuinely world-class local physiotherapy practice. And it is a conduit for leading science making the journey to common knowledge.

1. Collaboration with Research

In the last year, in collaboration with Body In Mind and our friend Prof. Lorimer Moseley, we have brought to life an education tool to help people better understand chronic pain. You can find it here, at Tame the Beast. We are all set to launch this video in the next few weeks to an audience that is hungry for innovation, to an industry that is at tipping point for deep conceptual change. Artistic direction and concept development for this project by Sam Chisholm.

Tame The Beast

2. Pain Revolution

Two years ago we posted about our approach to treating chronic pain. Our approach helps people to better understand their pain, and through knowledge, re-gain confidence in their body’s ability to move. These ideas represent current best practice in the field of pain management, but they deeply challenge the common assumptions about pain and its causes. With a massive effort we are seeing a shift toward acceptance and integration of these ideas, and the outcomes are remarkable!

Pain Revolution was an outreach event to spread the word. As a group we rode from Melbourne to Adelaide, made the news, raised just over $80k for new projects, and have just about completed a film on the journey in partnership with Tyrone Ormsby. Stay tuned! 

Dave Moen Form Physiotherapy Adelaide

3. A Patient Story

To hear a patient’s perspective on implementing this approach follow the link to the ABC’s Health Report. This interview follows Kane’s journey while at Form Physiotherapy, treating his longstanding low back pain. Stories like these challenge assumptions about what is possible for long-term pain, and mark a path toward recovery.

4. Thank you!

If you found this interesting then we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for new people who would benefit from our knowledge and approach. If you can think of anyone who would thrive using our practice ethos, we would love it if you make an introduction.

We will be posting regularly through this channel. The general purpose of this communication is to provide insights, news and educational tools as we develop them. You can find the link on our home page.

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