Why understanding your pain system is important

Expectations: In movement and in pain, your outcome is inseparable to your expectations.  Expectations determine the sorts of things that you will try, and they alter your pain system - making it more sensitive where there is a good reason to protect. To find out more visit Tame the Beast

Healing: Tissue healing is irresistible, yet many injuries hurt for years. There are really good reasons for this, but tissue problems are generally not the cause of long term pain! To many people this idea is new, but the science is strong. In table 2 of this paper, the authors show that disc bulges are common and normal, even in people without pain.

Learning: For most people these thoughts are different. It is normal to be surprised by new things, but in this case the ideas give hope in a field where recovery was previously thought to be unlikely, even impossible. Understanding how your pain system works changes the meaning of your pain and better directs recourses toward recovery.

Re-train pain: Modern pain science offers massive insight into pain treatment, and we are thrilled to offer a clinical application of this knowledge. The first step is to learn about pain. For many people seeking a fix, this seems like a side step. But if you give it a chance you will see that learning is treatment in itself - give it a go!

Tissue recovery: Put simply, if your concept of your body is too 'safe' or conservative then you limit tissue recovery by depriving yourself of load. After two months most injuries are healing well. But if the area remains painful then most people reduce the load on the area. This long term, relative rest will make the tissues less strong. So we might need to strengthen your tissues in the pathway to recovery. 

We will establish an objective baseline set in reliable clinical tests, then explore reasonable limits for your safe exercise range. From here, progressive loading with a strength program will triggers adaptations toward recovery. Informed by the science, together we will train your injury like a muscle! Our goal is to help you recover stronger and find joy in movement. 

We have developed heaps of resources for Tame the Beast that can guide your first steps in understanding pain. Click through to start learning!