Almost one year old!

Form Physiotherapy is almost one year old.

To celebrate this we decided to survey all of our clients and 1) measure the impact we had in our first year, and 2) seek ideas to make our practice even better.

We are thrilled to announce that almost 70% of our patients answered this survey. A big thanks to all those who participated! This is a snap shot of our first year:

·       On average we see our patients 3 times.

·       In total, 75% of our clients report that their outcome was ‘better’ or ‘much better’ than expected, 24.5% said it was ‘as expected’, and 0.5% ‘worse’ than expected.

·       We fully committed to achieve genuine, long-term solutions for our clients using well-reasoned exercise-based strategies to target the cause of the problem. We put extensive resources into helping people integrate better lifestyle decisions and enable change.

·       We integrated current research that demonstrates the importance of de-threatening injury through education. 82% of our clients received up-to-date information about pain biology, and 80% of our clients found this either ‘helpful’ or ‘extremely helpful’.

·        98.6% of our patients anonymously reported that they did their exercises. Compared to industry averages this is truly remarkable! This reflects resources that we put into education, encouragement and enabling change.

·       We avoid passive treatments like massage and manipulation because we reason that it is better to treat a cause than a symptom. Even with this ‘hands-off’, exercise-based approach, 87% of our patients did not want more hands-on treatment.

·       88% of our clients had ‘just the right number’ of appointments, and 11% reported having ‘too few’ appointments. This reflects our enthusiasm for encouraging independence and self-reliance, but tells us that some of you wanted more!

·       100% of our clients said that they ‘would’ or ‘definitely would’ refer a friend or family member to Form Physiotherapy. Hopefully this signifies a job well done.

We are very excited to commence our second year. There are a number of significant projects under way that will help us better communicate accurate information about pain and answer the question ‘so what can I do about it?’. We are continually expanding our strength-training program, and are offering physiotherapist-led sessions on barbell exercises (deadlifting, squats, bench press, overhead press, bent-over row). Please email us for more information, with any questions, or to say hi.

Looking forward to another exciting year.