Running physiotherapy in the heart of Adelaide.

Running is freedom. I can run anywhere. I feel light and loose when I run. Time slows down and my mind feels clear. Running on a frosty night under a full moon with steaming warm skin makes a fond memory of New Zealand. It is rhythmic, almost hypnotic. Running is something just for me. Or shared with a friend. With a smart approach, it can be perpetual, non-stop for horizon after horizon. Running gives more energy than it takes. The movement is smooth and efficient. There is a sense of quiet stillness. My gaze rests on empty space. My feet dance on earthy ground.

This is running for me.

Like life, everyone will have a unique experience of running.

I see my role as a physiotherapist to be a guide for someone to discover (or rediscover) the joy of running. To have an experience worthy of writing poetry. For running is movement poetry.