Do it different

Routine in life offers efficiency. It is the ability to do something without much thought. It ‘just’ happens. Your brain does a bucket load of unconscious processing and coordinates the task easily. Habits and routine are best mates.

But the things you remember, are not routine or habit. Unless something extraordinary happens. Your commute to work is only memorable if something great, shocking or different transpires. Weaving extraordinary moments into your life is memorable and a chance for new learning.

Do it different. Try a new way of doing something. You will find yourself more engaged in the task. Play with routine. Experiment. Do something silly. Copy someone else. Stand out from the crowd. Take a peek at this video for a different start to a well trodden path. I certainly enjoyed a chuckle.

Trialling a new way fertilises discovery. You might find a better way. Or you might fail. But you will only know if you give it a go.


DiD.DiB (Do it Different. Do it Better)



Toby Moen

Form Physiotherapy

Adelaide Physio

Dave Moen