Pain Revolution

I am thrilled to announce that I will be participating in Pain Revolution, a ride from Melbourne to Adelaide this April where a group of researchers and clinicians are journeying through country towns by bike, promoting better outcomes for people with long-term pain. 

To participate, the 25 of us put forward a grand and a bit each to the cause and pledged to raise $3000. This money will be used for research and for projects looking to spread the word and to make pain services better. 

So click through to the page and have a look. This is a really positive movement. And with a team like this supporting behind the movement we are bound to make a difference. 

Here's my bio from the Pain Revolution page

I am 26. I've studied a masters in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy, and I spend my time between a little physio practice in Adelaide and an organic farm in the Adelaide hills. I work a lot with people who have pain, both as a physio and at the farm. Pain really doesn't seem to discriminate much. It's certainly prevalent.

Cycling has been a really important thing for me. It fills me up. Seeing the world by bike, with the smells and the different textures of the air, the good company and the anticipation of coffee, it's an affair of the heart. I am very grateful for the bicycle.

In terms of this Pain Revolution and spreading the word for useful pain treatments, it's a pretty interesting beast. We have learned that pain is not a good measure of damage. It's not a damage alert system, it's something else. Pain is a kind of protector that feeds on context and knowledge and threat appraisal. So reconceptualising pain, or re-thinking pain, has floated to the top as one of the more important steps in treating pain. A dose of realistically positive knowledge is medicine for pain.

So we will travel by bike from Melbourne to Adelaide starting conversations about pain and spreading hope and some realistically positive information. Hopefully we can start a bit of push to integrate better pain knowledge in clinical practice.

I would be thrilled if you could support us in this ambition with a donation to the cause. Your money will help future research, and also more projects to spread the word. But potentially more than your money I would love it if you could help to spread the word. If you know someone in pain who could do with some help, put them in touch with the Revolution. Hopefully we can help.

See you on the road. DM